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Our Price: $15.00

ISSUE 83 - The Oxford American's 15th Annual Southern Music Issue & CD, featuring the music of Tennessee!

Rosanne Cash takes the long way home; John Jeremiah Sullivan gets high on the upbeat; Bessie Smith needs a little sugar in her bowl-and more!

PLUS: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Gus Cannon, Matraca Berg, Laura Cantrell, Big Star, Charlie Rich, and "Carl the Raping Goat Saves Christmas," a story by Lucy Alibar.

This year's issue comes with a 176-page magazine and a double CD.
Issue 71: 12th Anniversary Southern Music Issue
Our Price: $10.95

The 2010 12th Anniversary Southern Music Issue featuring Alabama music! Free compilation CD included!
Issue 72: Barry Hannah in the World
Our Price: $10.00

General interest issue
Issue 73: Best of the South
Our Price: $5.95

The 6th installment of our Best of the South issue.
Issue 74: The Education Issue
Our Price: $5.95

The Oxford American's Education Issue - September 2011
Issue 75: 13th Annual Southern Music Issue- SOLD OUT
Our Price: $100.00

This issue is SOLD OUT in its original printed format, but it is available in these digital editions:

Zinio (

Amazon Kindle (

Barnes & Noble NOOK (

iPad (

(The digital editions do not include the music available on the accompanying CD, due to rights agreements.)

The 13th Annual Southern Music Issue is here! It's the third in the southern state series and this year the OA focuses on Mississippi!!
Issue 76: The Visual South
Our Price: $5.95

This new "Visual South Issue" is the result of joggling a massive crew of curators, critics, established artists, and "Art Insiders" to nominate THE NEW 100 SUPERSTARS OF SOUTHERN ART.
Issue 77: Best of the South 2012
Our Price: $5.95

It's here! Just like every year! We boldly release our BEST OF THE SOUTH 2012 Issue featuring in-their-prime OA contributors of all stripes (writers, photographers, painters, graphic artists) swoon over what they love most about the American South.
Issue 78: New South Journalism Issue
Our Price: $5.95

In the tradition of New Journalists like Tom Wolfe, Hunter Thompson, and Terry Southern (all of whom are from the South), we’ve recruited an army of talent—fiery reporters and intrepid journalists—to tackle subjects ranging from serious to seriously unexpected in an issue that will excite, entertain, and inform by digging into the region’s culture, politics, and personalities. Also, we are excited and proud to feature an excerpt from Charles Portis's (until now) unpublished masterpiece, "Delray's New Moon".
Issue 79: 14th Annual Southern Music Issue
Our Price: $30.00

We have found 10 boxes of Issue #79- Louisiana Southern Music Issue.

14th Annual Southern Music Issue: Featuring Louisiana! This is the fourth of a 12 - year project to highlight the Southern States one by one.